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Soils CDE
at Gilbert High School
Sponsored by Iowa State University

Top Ten Teams
1. Denison
2. Montezuma
3. Orient-Macksburg
4. Emmetsburg
5. Sentral of Fenton
6. Agri-Power at Eddyville
7. Nodaway Valley at Greenfield
8. Graettinger
9. Williamsburg
10. Murray

Top Ten Individuals:
1. Pat Corey, Denison
2. Matt Leinen, Denison
3. Paige Hoksbergen, Montezuma
4. Erin Conrad, Agri-Power at Eddyville
5. Shamus Brown, Graettinger
6. Adam Downing, Orient-Macksburg
7. Darren Bolger, Marengo
8. Earlene Taylor, Montezuma
9. Tyler Garrett, Orient-Macksburg
10. Tony Mensing, Nodaway Valley at Greenfield

Top Pit Team: Denison

Top Pit Individual: Pat Corey, Denison

Top Test Team: Denison

Top Test Individual: Paige Hocksbergen, Montezuma

Other Gold Teams: Brokaw at Clarinda

Silver Teams: Lakeside at Ventura, Marengo, St. Ansgar, Davis County at Bloomfield, South O'Brien at Paullina, North Tama at Traer, Harlan, Rockwell-Sheffield, Bison at Buffalo Center, Pella

Bronze Teams: Knoxville, Mount Ayr, Maquoketa Valley at Delhi, Tri-Star, Pleasantville

Dairy Cattle CDE
West Union
Sept. 15, 2001

Top Ten Teams:
1. Edgewood-Colesburg
2. North Fayette at West Union
3. Starmont at Arlington
4. Oelwein
5. Elkader
6. Decorah
7. Rockwell-Sheffield
8. Epworth
9. Cascade
10. South Winneshiek at Calmar

Top 10 Individuals:
1. Lindsey Stewart, Oelwein
2. Jennifer Rodas, Starmont at Arlington
3. Kari Schaffer, Tri-Star
4. Craig Fisher, Edgewood-Colesburg
5. Jonna Worden, Oelwein
6. Joe Ihrig, Maquoketa
7. Kayla Hotvedt, Decorah
8. Michael Tekippe, Manchester
9. Amber Roberts, Starmont at Arlington
10. Jason Kreimeyer, Rockwell-Sheffield

Specialty Areas: Top Team/Top Individual

Dairy Cattle Classes:
Top Team: Starmont at Arlington
Top Individual: Lindsey Stewart, Oelwein

Oral Reasons:
Top Team: Edgewood-Colesburg
Top Individual: Jonna Worden, Oelwein

Pedigree Evaluation:
Top Team: Edgewood-Colesburg
Top Individual: Lindsey Stewart, Oelwein

Production Management Test:
Top Team: Rockwell-Sheffield
Top Individual: Jason Kreimeyer, Rockwell-Sheffield

Linear Evaluation
Top Team: Edgewood-Colesburg

Other Team Medals
Silver: Maquoketa, Maquoketa Valley at Delhi, Monticello, Postville
Bronze: Elgin, Nashua-Plainfield, Crestwood at Cresco, Colfax-Mingo
Participation: Anamosa, Manchester, Wapsie Valley at Fairbank

Meats Judging CDE
Iowa State University

Top Teams:

1. Wapello
2. Denison
3. Vinton-Shellsburg
4. Sioux Center
5. Muscatine
6. Maquoketa
7. Starmont
8. Tri-Star
9. Maquoketa Valley
10. South OBrien

Top Individuals:

1. Pat Corey, Denison
2. Dan Lanz, Wapello
3. Jessica Furlong, Wapello
4. Megan Foor, Wapello
5. Ben Seiler, Vinton-Shellsburg
6. Adam Miller, Vinton-Shellsburg
7. Matt Klein, Denison
8. David Cavanagh, Maquoketa
9. Josh Buster, Muscatine
10. Jessica Ruddy, Sioux Center

Specialty Areas: Top Team/Individual

Carcass Placing Classes

Team: Waverly-Shell Rock
Individual: Serena Ruth, Waverly Shell Rock

Retail ID

Team: Sioux Center
Individual: Jessica Ruddy, Sioux Center

Problem Solving

Team: Vinton-Shellsburg
Individual: Dan Lanz, Wapello

Wholesale/Retail Cuts

Team: Rockwell-Sheffield
Individual: Dan Lanz, Wapello

Beff Carcass Grading
Team: Muscatine
Individual: Ryan Storms, Muscatine

Other Teams Overall:

Silver: Pilot Creek, Wall Lakeview-Auburn, Rockwell-Sheffield, North Fayette, Lynnville-Sully, Monticello, Cascade
Bronze: Laurens-Marathon, Belle Plaine, Algona, Waverly-Shell Rock, Carroll, Indianola, Keosauqua, Creston
Participation: Hampton, LaPorte City-Dysart

Crops CDE - Iowa State University - June 7, 2001

Top 10 Teams:
1. Maquoketa 1579 pts.
2. Diamond Trail 1262 pts.
3. Valley 1231 pts.
4. Boone A&M 1227 pts.
5. Rockwell-Sheffield 1166 pts.
6. St. Ansgar 1101 pts.
7. Tri-Star 1040 pts.
8. Mount Ayr 1013 pts.
9. Marengo 1009 pts.
10. Pilot Creek 999 pts.

Top 10 Individuals:
1. Joe Ihrig, Maquoketa 534.5 pts.
2. Jamie Christensen, Maquoketa 531 pts.
3. Brian Wahl, Maquoketa 513 pts.
4. Lorilee Schultz, Boone A&M 490 pts.
5. Molly Hanson, Valley 489 pts.
6. Dale Werden, Maquoketa 489 pts.
7. Jesse Stayner, Diamond Trail 445 pts.
8. Laura Hanson, Valley 437 pts.
9. Maureen Kregel, Tri-Star 430 pts.
10. Ty Clark, Diamond Trail, 417 pts.

Specialty Areas: Top Team/Top Individual:

Judging Crops:
Team: Maquoketa
Individual: Jamie Christensen, Maquoketa

Team: Maquoketa
Individual: Joe Ihrig, Maquoketa

Written Exam
Team: Maquoketa
Individual: Jason Kriemeyer, Rockwell-Sheffield

Other Teams:

Silver Teams: South O'brien, Cascade, AgriPower, Monticello, Rockford, Colfax

Bronze Teams: Nashua-Plainfield, Roland-Story, Indianola, Newton

Participation: Humboldt, Oskaloosa, Creston, Williamsburg

Floriculture CDE - DMACC - June 21, 2001

Top 10 Teams Overall:
1. Wapello
2. Marion
3. Van Horne
4. Montezuma
5. Muscatine
6. Denison
7. Waukon
8. LaPorte City
9. Rockwell
10. Mount Ayr

Top 10 Individuals Overall:
1. Matthew Shultz, Van Horne
2. Jennifer Hinkle, Wapello
3. Toni Carlson, Marion
4. James Jordan, Marion
5. Kay McGee, Rockwell
6. Katie Shallock, Osage
7. Jenny Ball, Wapello
8. Shannon Schneider, Muscatine
9. Zach Snovelle, Pocahontas
10. Andrea Furlong, Wapello

Specialty Areas: Top Team / Top Individual

Top Team: Montezuma
Top Individual: Matthew Shultz, Van Horne

Plant ID:
Top Team: Wapello
Top Individual: James Jordan, Marion

Problem Solving:
Top Team: Marion
Top Individual: Matthew Shultz, Van Horne

Top Team: Wapello
Top Individual: Kay McGee, Rockwell

Team Activity:
Top Team: Manson

Gold Teams: Wapello, Marion, Van Horne, Montezuma, Muscatine, Denison, Waukon, LaPorte City, Rockwell, Mount Ayr

Silver Teams: Rockwell City, Maquoketa, Manson, Pocahontas, Cascade, Riceville, Osage, Rockford

Bronze: Eddyville, Gilbert, Creston, Indianola, Epworth, Leon

Participation: Webster City, Paullina

Livestock CDE Results 8-25-01
coordinated by Iowa State University

Teams: (Rank/Team/Pts)
1 Alleman 1527
2 LaPorte City 1520
3 Muscatine 1484
4 Emmetsburg 1462
5 Harlan 1455
6 Sioux Center 1420
7 Earlham 1408
8 Jesup 1404
9 Manning 1397
10 Cascade 1396

Overall Individuals: Rank/Name School/Pts.

1 Dusty Loy Alleman 526
2 Neal Beck LaPorte City 519
3 Sam Ruble Alleman 517
4 Gary Sullivan Harlan 515
5 Jamie Potter Muscatine 511
6 Melissa Halbur Manning 511
7 Bryan Hoag Muscatine 509
8 Pete Burmeister LaPorte City 509
9 Brian Naig Emmetsburg 502
10 Amanda Wolters Emmetsburg 497

Dairy Foods CDE
West Union
Sept. 15, 2001

Top Ten Teams:
1. LaPorte City-Dysart
2. Tri-Star
3. Linn-Mar at Marion
4. Vinton
5. Monticello
6. North Fayette at West Union
7. Starmont at Arlington
8. Wapello
9. St. Ansgar
10. Montezuma

Top Ten Individuals:
1. Denise Whittle, Tri-Star
2. Mandy Sparrgrove, North Fayette at West Union
3. John Berggren, Linn-Mar at Marion
4. Matthew Wrage, LaPorte City-Dysart
5. Garrett Wittmer, Vinton-Shellsburg
6. Danny Schemmel, Monticello
7. A.J. McLaughlin, LaPorte City-Dysart
8. Philip Huck, LaPorte City-Dysart
9. Greg Svoboda, Vinton-Shellsburg
10. Penny Eddy, Wapello

Specialty Areas: Top Team/Top Individual

Written Test
Top Team: Starmont at Arlington
Top Individual: Jaclyne Hamlett, Maquoketa Valley at Delhi

Analysis and Interpretation
Top Team: Starmont at Arlington
Top Individual: Megan Danner, Louisa-Muscatine

Real vs. Artificial
Top Team: Riceville
Top Individual: Garrett Wittmer, Vinton-Shellsburg

Cheese Identification
Top Team: Tri-Star
Top Individual: Denise Whittler, Tri-Star

Milk Flavor Defects
Top Team: LaPorte City-Dysart
Top Individual: Matthew Wrage, LaPorte City-Dysart

Other Team Medals:
Gold: West Delaware at Manchester, Riceville
Silver: Louisa-Muscatine, Washington, Valley at Elgin, Lone Tree, Maquoketa Valley at Delhi
Bronze: Anamosa, Rockwell-Sheffield, Edgewood-Colesburg, Cascade, Fox Valley Van Buren at Milton
Participation: Postville, Western Dubuque at Epworth

Ag Mech 2001- Iowa State University - June 7, 2001

Top 10 Teams Overall:
1. Nashua-Plainfield 654 pts.
2. Edgewood-Colesburg 632 pts.
3. West Lyon 621 pts.
4. Rockford 613 pts.
5. Charles City 597 pts.
6. Cascade 592 pts.
7. Garner 538 pts.
8. Sumner 538 pts.
9. West Delaware 536 pts.
10. Holland at Orange City 536 pts.

Top 10 Individuals:
1. Jason Wessel, Edgewood-Colesburg, 176 pts.
2. Brian Wolf, Nashua-Plainfield, 174 pts.
3. Nat Juchems, Nashua-Plainfield, 173 pts.
4. Dan Schmidt, Charles City, 169 pts.
5. Seth Sellner, West Delaware, 166 pts.
6. Josh Corcoran, Sumner, 166 pts.
7. Erik Oberbroekling, Tri-Star, 165 pts.
8. Jessica DeGroote, Rockford, 163 pts.
9. Lee Lovik, Charles City, 163 pts.
10. Birdsie Robinson, Nashua-Plainfield, 162 pts.

Specialty Areas -- Top Team/ Top Individual:

Structural Systems:
Team: Charles City FFA
Individual: Jason Wessel, Edgewood-Colesburg

Industry and Marketing Systems:
Team: Nashua-Plainfield FFA
Individual: Jason Wessel, Edgewood-Colesburg

Energy Systems:
Team: Rockford FFA
Individual: Seth Sellner, West Delaware

Machinery Equip. Systems:
Team: Nashua-Plainfield FFA
Individual: Nate Juchems, Nashua-Plainfield

Environmental/Natural Resources:
Team: Nashua-Plainfield FFA
Individual: Brian Wolf, Nashua-Plainfield

Other Teams:
Gold: Tri-Star of Elkader, St. Ansgar

Silver: Roland-Story, Ventura, Creston, Osage, Gilbert, Lake Mills, Pleasantville, Monticello, Mount Ayr, Rockwell-Sheffield

Bronze: Indianola, Humboldt, Marengo, Westood, Shenandoah

Participation: Gutrie Center, Williamsburg

Nursery/Landscape - DMACC - June 21, 2001

Top 10 Teams:
1. Muscatine
2. Wapello
3. St. Ansgar
4. Osage
5. Rockwell
6. Marion
7. Story City
8. Paullina
9. Cascade
10. Riceville

Top 10 Individuals:
1. Chad Hinkle, Wapello
2. Ben Stover, Muscatine
3. Katie Petersen, Muscatine
4. Shea Nelson, Muscatine
5. Drew Gieselman, Wapello
6. Ryan Larson, Story City
7. Josh Heuberger, Rockwell
8. Stephanie Munday, Muscatine
9. Chad Ball, Wapello
10. Adam Norby, Osage

Specialty Areas: Top Team / Top Individual

Plant ID:
Top Team: Muscatine
Top Individual: Ben Stover, Muscatine

General Knowledge
Top Team: Muscatine
Top Individual: Ryan Larson, Story City

Landscape Drawing:
Top Team: St. Ansgar
Top Individual: Josh Heurberger, Rockwell

Nursery Problem Solving:
Top Team: Muscatine
Top Individual: Chad Hinkle, Wapello

Plant Selection:
Top Team: Muscatine
Top Individual: Elizabeth Schmit, Rockwell City

Plant Disorders:
Top Team: Muscatine
Top Individual: Daryl Theis, Riceville

Top Team: Muscatine
Top Individual: Bryan Tabbert, St. Ansgar

Gold Teams: Muscatine, Wapello

Silver Teams: St. Angar, Osage, Rockwell, Marion, Story City

Bronze Teams: Paullina, Cascade

Participation Teams: Riceville, Rockwell City, Indianola, Maquoketa

Horse CDE - Kirkwood CC - June 2001

Top 10 Teams:
1. Paullina
2. Leon
3. Muscatine
4. Earlham
5. Wapello
6. Arlington
7. Denison
8. Odeboldt
9. Maquoketa
10. Bussey

Top 10 Individuals:
1. Lindsey Schenckelberg, Denison
2. March Christensen, Earlham
3. Tami Johannsen, Paullina
4. Kathy Sonne, Charles City
5. Kevin Hatfield, Leon
6. Jennifer Hinkle, Wapello
7. Laura Mommsen, DeWitt
8. Clayton Brink, Bussey
9. Katie Brunkhorst, Arlington
10. Mandi Hoermann, Paullina

Specialty Areas: Top Team / Top Individual

Halter Classes
Top Team: Paullina
Top Individual: Mandi Hoermann, Paullina

Team Problem Solving
Top Team: Wapello

Performance Classes
Top Team: Maquoketa
Top Individual: Lindsey Schenkelberg, Denison

Oral Reasons
Top Team: Muscatine
Top Individual: Jennifer Hinkle, Wapello

Other Gold Teams: DeWitt

Silver Teams: Orient, Cascade, Charles City, Rockwell, New Sharon, Tipton, Oskaloosa, Jewell, Monroe

Bronze Teams: Indianola, Centerville, Colfax, Boone, Marengo, Webster City, Eddyville, Van Horne, Nashua, Guthrie Center, Epworth, Alburnett

Participation: Vinton, Wellman, Wheatland, Pleasantville, Newton, Williamsburg, Reinbeck


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