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A Program of Study is a merely a detailed roadmap.  Similar to an articulation an agreement, but much better and more practical for students to utilize the benefits.  Articulation agreements are often not understood or forgotten by high school students.  A Program of Study is a written authorization of specific courses needed and/or recommended.

TP Toolbox (TSA & POS tools)

Sequence of Activities for Developing a Program of Study
(Matrix Example below)
The matrix below is NOT REQUIRED !!!

This matrix is merely a visual to assist schools in thinking about the PROCESS needed.  High schools and colleges are in different phases of similarity, across the state. 

Because programs are so different, there is no easy way to list the steps needed for your specific school and community college region.  The matrix document availabe below to DOWNLOAD, is simply a tool to help you think about the process your district needs to use.

Major Activity (ies)
Steps to Accomplish
Brief description: to include planning of activities, and date(s) accomplished.
by Program Area
In cooperation, LEAs, CTE advisory committee and the community college, complete the CTE Program Self Assessment (including the Technical Skill Assessment portion) and identify the level of attainment for each criterion statement.
Complete assessments, within the district, for respective CTE Programs; and determine where each program is, in regards to adopting Standards and Benchmarks.
Completion of Assessment described above
Ag program
Completion of Assessment described above
FCS Program
Completion of Assessment described above
Business/Marketing Program
Completion of Assessment described above
Industrial Tech. Program

Matrix for POS Process