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Contact Denny Meggers, I-35 High School, with your questions about the Iowa State Fair. 
Phone: 641-765-4818 (School) or 641-414-3897 (Cell)

Click here to email Denny Meggers

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Questions?  Contact Tracy Wiseman at 515-262-3111 ext. 242
2010 Iowa State Fair Information

2010 Usher Application

2010 Stage Attendant Application

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2008 ISF Results

Swine Carcass Results 2008

Derby Swine Grp 4 2008

2007 ISF Results

2007 FFA Performance Beef Results (PDF)

2007 FFA Carcass Lamb Results (PDF)

2007 FFA Derby Hog Results (PDF)

2007 FFA Derby Hog Pen of 4 Results (PDF)

2006 ISF Results

2006 Derby Pork Rail Placings

2006 Derby Pork Individual Results

2006 Carcass Lamb Results (Excel)

2006 ISF Performance Beef Results (PDF)

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Grandstand Usher/Freestage Attendant Accepted Lists

DNA Collection

Click here to view - Lamb Hair Collection Procedure

Cattle Hair Collection video clip

Cattle Hair Collection (PDF file)

2009 Performance Beef Results

2009 Derby Group Carcass Data

2009 Derby Individual Carcass Data

Iowa State Fair Carcass Lamb Ultrasound Scanning - Movie

Performance Beef Show - Movie

Agricultural Mechanics Show - Movie

Market Broiler Show - Movie

Hog Show - Movie

Market Lamb Show - Movie

Rabbit Show - Movie

Horse Show - Movie

FFA Calendar of Events 2009

Iowa State Fair
Dec. 1
Performance Beef Weigh-in
Ends: 1/15/10
Feb. 1
Performance Beef Nominations DUE

Feb. 1

Performance Beef DNA, Nose Prints, Extra Tags, and Payments Due

Postmarked to ISF Entry Department

April 9
Swine Tattoo Orders DUE
Sheep Tag Orders DUE
Swine: Derby & Market
Sheep: Market, Carcass, Commercial Ewes, Commercial Ewe Lambs

Postmarked, Faxed, or Emailed to ISF Entry Department

April 25

Derby Pork Weigh-in

State Wide Weigh-In

April 28

Derby Pork Nominations DUE


April 28

Derby Pig DNA Samples and Payment Due & Tattoo Returned

Postmarked to ISF Entry Department

April 30

Deadline to Add New Members for Iowa State Fair!
Work with Alan Spencer to finalize.

May 15

Nominations DUE !!!
Breeding Beef
Dairy Cattle
Dairy Goat
Breeding Meat Goat
Market Wether Meat Goat
Market/Carcass Lamb and Commercial Ewe/Ewe Lamb
Registered Ewe/Ewe Lamb & Ramb Lamb
Registered/Crossbred Market Pig & Commercial Gilt
Registered Boar & Gilt


May 15

DNA Samples and Payments Due
Market Broiler Order Form and Payment Due
Horse Paperwork Due (Registration Form, Partnership Form, etc.)
Market Swine/Commercial Gilt Extra Tags Returned
Market/Carcass Lamb & Commercial Ewe/Ewe Lamb Extra Tags Returned

Postmarked to ISF Entry Department

June 1

Grandstand Usher & Free Stage Attendants Applications DUE

Postmarked to Randy Dreher

June 24

Market Broilers will be shipped to Exhibitors


July 1



July 1

Chapter Summary Report, Code of Ethics, and Payment Due

Postmarked to ISF Entry Department

July 1

Iowa State Fair FFA Scholarship Application Due

Postmarked to Iowa FFA Foundation

Aug. 12-22

Iowa State Fair

Non Stop Fun!